Dean C. Hines, Ph.D.

Welcome to my new blog.  I plan to use this site to chronicle my new adventure through digital photography, but there may be a few outliers here and there. To read my posts click on the Blog tab above!

I was very enthusiastic about photography in high school, being one of the main photographers for the yearbook.  I loved B&W photography using my trusty Minolta SRT-201, and spent many hours (actually weeks) in the school darkroom. This latter activity often left me with yellow fingernails; I know I should have worn gloves, but I loved to “feel” of developing a print.

Unfortunately, film and chemicals were expensive.  I tried the first digitals in the mid-90’s, but they were expensive and terrible.  When my son was born, I finally sprang for an Olympus C-2100 UZ, which was an awesome camera, but only 2.1 MP and there was no way to change lenses (although the optically-stabilized 10x zoom was fantastic).  After awhile, the grip padding came off (a known issue for these cameras), and I bought a point-shoot (Canon PowerShot A530)  ….and promptly lost interest in creative photography.

With the release of the Canon 550D (t2i), and other similar models, I started to get the itch to return to photography.  But photography has changed so dramatically since the late 70’s, that I’m basically starting from scratch.

This blog will follow me through the learning process.  I’ve done tons of research, and have found many helpful resources along the way; many are other blogs, some are dedicated websites, and some are eBooks!  I’ll make sure to list these along the way.

Thanks for dropping by.  If anything, I’m going to have fun sharing my experiences; and maybe some of you will find a useful tip or trick as well.

Again, click on the Blog tab in the top menu to follow my posts.

Cheers, Dean!

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  1. Johnny

    Nice site you have here Dean! I am really looking forward to your photos and advice. I remember some of those pictures you took way back in the day. Well done my friend!


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